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Why do (all) professors teach C++ 11?

I have noticed that in many computer science courses, professors tend to focus on teaching C++11 as the primary version of the ...
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Best language for graphics and general math problem solving for amateur

This question is not quite appropriate for the community but at my low level of expertise, someone may have an answer. I am retired and using computing as a hobby. My main interest is in things like ...
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Is the choice of the first programming language relevant?

There is a school of thought that it couldn't matter less which programming language is chosen as one's first programming language. The official position of a well known internet community dedicated ...
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What is the best programming language to learn right now? [closed]

A CS student here. My school is teaching only Java, and I figured I should pick up another language on my own. What would you say is the best programming language to learn right now in this market?
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History of educational programming languages

I wanted to analyze the history of educational programming languages and their evolution up to the present (and probably make the presentation out of it for middle schoolers). Can you recommend any ...
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Teaching an absolute beginners class Operating Systems with Rust

In our Bachelor curriculum the course Operating Systems and Computer Networks (5 CP) is designated to be taken in the second semester. Currently it uses C, and while I'm personally very fond of C, it ...
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What is a good introductory language for high school?

I'm teaching introductory programming for high school. Back in the day, when I was starting out, DOS and Unix terminal prompt was normal UI, and console apps would spark kids interest. Now, on the ...
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Thoughts on language for Intro to Data Science?

Next term, I'm going to teach an introductory Data Science class for the first time. In the past, others have taught it in either R or Python. My first inclination was to teach it in R because the ...
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Is it okay to teach C++ to my 7 year old brother?

I was thinking this for quite long, should i teach my little brother about programming in the age of 7-8? Because it will help him in the future in 12th standard and in university life. I want him to ...
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Is it ok to use logic programming(like Prolog) as students' first language?

Some use FP, some use OOP, some use procedure. It seems few universities start with logic programming, why?
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For a beginner, is it better to start with C or a higher level language?

Some friends of mine, over the years, asked me suggestions on what to study for learning how to code. Most of them had no real final purpose, just wanted to be able to understand programming and be ...
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Programming language for teenagers

I have been asked to give an introductory programming course for kids between 14-15 years old. Scratch seems like a good option for young children, maybe up to 12 years old. Python, is also a good ...
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4 answers

Motivation for learning C++ when you know Java

I am going to teach a C++ course to students who already know Java. From answers to my previous question, I learned that C++ is substantially harder to master than Java, particularly because of the ...
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2 answers

Advantages of teaching basic javascript through typescript

At my school the students learn some very basic javascript, and a while ago it was decided to expand on that (by teaching nodejs). by "basic", I mean that we only teach html manipulation through JS. ...
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Choosing Java-like language for teaching web development

I just started teaching an introduction to web development to high school students (they have the most basic knowledge of java) and this year my school has decided to make a change in the curriculum. ...
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What could be the possible advantages of teaching Scheme as first programming language?

When I started my Computer Science studies, Scheme was the first thing we learned in our first programming course. Almost 8 years later, I ask a friend of mine, and it seems that they are still ...
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3 answers

Which of the following programming languages will help me better to teach the basic concepts of CS and why? [closed]

I'm really looking for opinions from experts I have been asked to teach a group of students “How To Program”, these students are really new to programming. What I want is to make them like ...
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Event-driven or polling for beginning programming environments?

In beginner programming environments, I have noticed an essential difference in style for handling user interaction. Scratch and Alice are event-driven, while Processing and Greenfoot, for lack of a ...
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What would be a good first choice to teach game programming to beginners?

In my institution we are close to starting a new graduate level program for game development. However, this program will accept non-digital game designers or other non-experts (real architects who are ...
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Good beginning assembly language for teaching about stack function calls

We are considering integrating our processors design and architecture course with our assembly programming course by using the same processor for both. The processor class (which does its work in ...
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Ruby backend framework choice: Ruby on Rails vs Sinatra

In Ruby, the vast majority of usage is in web backends, 99% of the time with a framework called Ruby on Rails. My problem with rails is that it is full of "magic," wherein you type a command, and ...
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Do I need Prolog to teach logic concepts?

I think that the use of some logic programing language like Prolog, for example, could be a good way to explain the symbolic/mathematical logic concepts but also apply this concepts in a real ...
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Programming languages specifically designed for beginners

Is there a good beginner's programming language, specifically designed for learners, maybe even kids? Something beginners can sink their teeth into and get results quickly. Results that are more than ...
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What can Snap! do that Scratch cannot?

I teach a short introductory unit in my course that uses Scratch to get students familiar with programming concepts before introducing the syntax of a text-based programming language. For context, we ...
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Scheme vs Haskell for introducing functional programming

So, I am not interested in which language is better, because that is a matter of opinion. What I care about is whether making a switch from Scheme to Haskell will directly help me accomplish my goals....
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