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Questions related to teaching the history of computers in a Computer Science course or class. Use this tag for questions about teaching aspects of the history of computers for various purposes (such as introduction to Computer Science or as enrichment lessons)

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History of educational programming languages

I wanted to analyze the history of educational programming languages and their evolution up to the present (and probably make the presentation out of it for middle schoolers). Can you recommend any ...
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Book recommendation on human "computers"

I am looking for books on computers, in a now special sense: ...
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In what branch of science does technology belong?

The question may be found in the following link. I have been asked in the comments to provide my question on this Stack Exchange site. Is there a word for mathematics/physics/data-analytics/…?
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End of Year Movies For CS Classes

The last day of school is a half day for us and it isn't one where my students are too engaged... Last year I showed Hidden Figures and it went over pretty well. Many students were stunned by the ...
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What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering in brief

For a beginner who wants to walk down the path of programming and developing and etc. What is a brief explanation of the differences of the two? To clarify, Computer science is CS while software or ...
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How to convey how much computing power has grown since the 1960s?

I was born in 1968 and used dial-up to mainframes back before PCs were available. We got an Apple ][+ when they came out and thought 48K was a lot of memory. I live in constant wonder at the world ...
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What are the merits of including the history of computers in the entry level curriculum?

Should some portion of introductory CS curriculum include something about the history of computers, especially with respect to Moore's law and what that might imply about the growth of computing power?...
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