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Questions regarding teaching a topic to yourself. Use this tag to ask about ways and methods of teaching which apply to teaching yourself.
141 questions
For questions about teaching programming (as opposed to e.g. [cs-theory]). Please consider whether a more specific tag is appropriate.
125 questions
For questions requesting teaching/classroom resources for a specific topic or lesson. To get a good answer, ensure your request is specific to a certain type of resource, and does not invite excessive…
117 questions
relate to planning lessons for a specific purpose, such as teaching some coding paradigm or skill. Planning lessons in Computer Science depends on the context and level of the …
114 questions
The curriculum of a Computer Science course is a sequence of planned subjects that the students will be taught in the course. This tag should be used for questions asking for guidance on designing par…
108 questions
Questions about CS teaching secondary education (high school) level students. This should be used when the context or level of the answer or question is that of high school students. In many cases, an…
98 questions
Questions about motivating students to study, participate, or take interest in the field of Computer Science. This tag can be used to ask questions regarding motivating students in the context of Comp…
95 questions
for questions about best practices in the classroom. This is an educational term, and does not refer to best practices in coding style. (Instead, see the coding-conventions tag). Some que…
80 questions
for questions about presenting specific algorithms or general principles of algorithmic design and analysis to students. It IS NOT for questions about writing or fixing algorithms.
62 questions
For questions about teaching Computer Science at an undergraduate level. Use this tag to clarify the level of the students being taught, but ensure that you provide as much context about their ability…
61 questions
Questions about instruction specific to the programming language Java. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses Java as an example, but d…
58 questions
Questions looking for analogies with which to teach computer science principles or concepts, or questions discussing specific teaching analogies for such computer science principles or concepts. Metap…
55 questions
For question regarding the teaching of the object oriented paradigm. This can also be used in conjunction with more specific tags such as inheritance and classes.
41 questions
Questions related to student projects in the fields of computer science. Use this tag to ask about structuring project guidelines for students, or to ask questions that deal with an aspect of projects…
41 questions
for questions about using a specific textbook as part of curriculum as well as for questions about using a type or category of textbook. Textbooks may be physical or electronic.
39 questions
Questions related to introducing a subject, paradigm, concept etc., in a specific lesson. Use this tag only for asking about a specific lesson for introducing a specific subject.
38 questions
Grading questions ask how to properly, effectively, and fairly assign grades to labs, assignments, and exams.
35 questions
only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses Python as an example, but does not focus on the language itself, you need not use the tag).
31 questions
Assessment is the process of evaluating student work. It can take the form of tests and exams or be much broader. It can be formal or informal and can be a component of grading or can be disjoint from…
28 questions
Questions related to programming exercises that are meant to increase students' skills. Use this tag to ask questions about exercises related to a specific skill or skill-set.
26 questions
for questions related to both data abstraction/encapsulation in general and for the usage of the various data structures provided by language or built by programmers. Stack and Queue are c…
26 questions
Questions related to the choice of programming languages for different learning environments
25 questions
Questions related to the course AP Computer Science A taught with the Java programming language.
25 questions
For questions about labs. Labs are hands-on full class period activities where students are given an objective that they have to reach and the tools to reach it. Lab work can extend beyond the lab and…
24 questions
Questions about techniques to organize and run a classroom at the scale of the entire classroom. Questions about group work should NOT receive this tag, they should be tagged group-assignment.
24 questions
Questions about teaching HTML/CSS/JS or any language used to serve any kind of content, be it an API, a website, or anything else.
23 questions
For questions relating to teaching the functional programming paradigm. A few examples of languages which support this paradigm are Haskell, Scheme, Lisp, Racket, OCaml, Clojure, ML, and Erlang.
23 questions
For questions about teaching to adults. The applies equally to questions about those who didn't grow up with computer and questions about computer savvy adults who wish to begin their careers though a…
22 questions
Questions related to teaching about databases, tools for using them, platforms etc. Use this tag to ask about various aspects of databases.
22 questions
Computational thinking is about looking at a problem in a way that a computer can help us to solve it.
22 questions
Questions about instruction specific to the programming language C++. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses C++ as an example, but doe…
22 questions
Some students seem to struggle with CS concepts and also, possibly, with the time and work necessary to be successful. Use this tag for questions related to how to overcome the difficulties students f…
22 questions
for questions about the teaching of mathematics as it applies to computer science, or mathematics concepts in the context of computer science. DO NOT use for questions about pure mathemat…
21 questions
Questions about instruction specific to the programming language C. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses C as an example, but does no…
19 questions
JavaScript (Not to be confused with Java) is a dynamically typed web programming language. Used in both Server side and Client side. The Server side scripting language NodeJS make use of JavaScript. U…
18 questions
Active Learning concerns educational activities in which the student takes a participatory role in the process. Active Learning may include educational games, discussion groups, writing, teamwork, and…
18 questions
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