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JavaScript (Not to be confused with Java) is a dynamically typed web programming language. Used in both Server side and Client side. The Server side scripting language NodeJS make use of JavaScript. Use this tag for questions about teaching javascript, not for technical questions about programming in javascript.

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teaching javascript functions

I'm teaching a a high-school classes on front-end JavaSript development. What is overwhelming in specifically JavaScript is the large number of seemingly disparate ways of doing the same thing. Like ...
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How do I use a playground to clone and modify demos from a github repo?

I have a JavaScript library with LOTS of demos. And I'm going to teach a group of students on how to use it next summer. I want the students to be able to edit & run the demos in the browser ...
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Resource for short jQuery additions to websites

I teach Web Foundations at a local code school. I give the students a final project where they have to develop some sort of website of their choosing. They have to have 5 pages of content, and they ...
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How to learn React JS?

My background: I have completed courses in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript and I can read and write code in these languages. I want to learn React and I want to build frontends of websites. What's ...
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What are some resources to practice javascript while learning it?

I’m looking for solved and unsolved assignments of JavaScript to practice. My goals are both, practice javascript to learn to program as well as practice javascript to be able to design MERN ...
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Private tutoring middle school and high school students: most common requests

I'm a former professional programmer and I switched to private tutoring of math and CS about five years ago. For the past two years I've mainly tutored competitive programming to high school students. ...
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Introductory html, css, javascript online course

Can anyone recommend an introductory online course for the basics of html, css and javascript? It's for my son's International Baccalaureat course and the requirements appear to be pretty basic - e.g. ...
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What is the best way to teach JavaScript functions to middle schoolers?

I am teaching middle school kids (aged 11-13) some basic JavaScript and want to get some "professional" opinions. I am introducing JavaScript with a simple function with a variable, a prompt, if/else,...
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Need review of course content: Javascript History and Capabilities

I am planning to make a free JavaScript online video series. The first chapter covers the Javascript history and its capabilities. Following is a transcript of the video. I would like it to be ...
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How can you efficiently assess students web coding?

I've been teaching Java and C# for years and I'll be picking up a web development (HTML, CSS, JS) course in the fall semester because our department is down a faculty member and won't be filling the ...
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Angular vs React vs Vue

For a software course about rich client Javascript applications we want students to be able to choose what framework they will use. Now to give us a little bit of control we want them to be able to ...
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JavaScript to teach Theoretical Computer Science

We have been considering moving JavaScript into our core curriculum for vocational-readiness reasons. However, our core CS curriculum focuses on concepts that won't become out of date. There are ...
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Beginner Javascript course - recommended books

I was asked to teach Javascript to total beginners. Since it would most likely be free of charge, I would rather not spend time making my own slides and material. I would follow a book or some other ...
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Best Way to Explain Distinction Between Void vs. Return Functions in JavaScript [closed]

I am familiar with the concept of void and return methods in Java, and am teaching a course in JavaScript, programming Sphero robots. I think I have the gist of how to explain these concets, but am ...
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NodeJS and Javascript libraries are overwhelming students

I started teaching NodeJS to some of the students in the computer science major at my school (these students know the basics of Java and OOP). The idea is for them to make a small web project (such ...
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App Lab/JS confusion between strings and variables

In my APCSP class (using app lab, which is javascript based), I noticed that there are many students who struggle with the difference between a string ("foo") and a ...
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Real world example application built with Python and JavaScript?

Does anyone have any suggestions on a small program or application to write that would help a Python beginner work with JavaScript? For example, when one is learning JavaScript, building a small to-do ...
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Advantages of teaching basic javascript through typescript

At my school the students learn some very basic javascript, and a while ago it was decided to expand on that (by teaching nodejs). by "basic", I mean that we only teach html manipulation through JS. ...
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How to "teach" CSS for students? [closed]

I have been an expert & mentor in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. When it comes to teaching new students on how to program using JavaScript, it is straight forward. Students can learn that if you do ...
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Should I teach modern web development in an introductory programming course? How?

I'm currently teaching a introductory programming class in a technological university course (FYI, this is a type of university course that is not a BS). The recommended language to use for this ...
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