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Questions related to teaching about game design concepts, teaching how to work with game design tools and teaching various aspects of designing games.

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What unity skills and other technologies I need for high paying Unity jobs? [closed]

I got a low paid unity job with my beginner-intermediate knowledge of unity. Now what unity skills and other technologies I should be learning to get a high paying job that requires experience and a ...
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Advise needed: GameDev Course Outline

I plan to teach "Introduction to Game Development" to the CS undergrads next semester. Keeping in view the trends in 2022 what would be an ideal course outline or topics to teach to train ...
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What would be a good project for teaching big program concepts?

I'm a freelance computer science tutor with junior high and high school students (working outside of school - I give them assignments. Mostly my assignments are problems we find online, such as ...
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AP Computer Science Principles and Unity

I have taught AP Computer Science A for years, but I have not taught AP Computer Science Principles as of yet. My understanding of the course is that it's quite flexible on terms of languages taught. ...
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Student Teaching Minetest Modding in school as club

I am a grade 11 student at school. I created and am running a programming club each lunch. We meet once a week (typically, sometimes I have to cancel since my club isn't important). We have 50 minutes ...
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Engagement advice on Creative computing

I'm preparing a course for next year, aimed at kids from ~6-16. It's based around the concept of creative computing: I think it will be a great ...
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What would be a good first choice to teach game programming to beginners?

In my institution we are close to starting a new graduate level program for game development. However, this program will accept non-digital game designers or other non-experts (real architects who are ...
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