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Questions tagged [programming-environment]

A programming environment for teaching is the complete range of tools used by students to create and run programs. From the simplest (text editor, compiler, runtime) to the complex (integrated development environment - IDE) the environment may help or hinder the student's education. Use this tag for questions related to the choice and use of programming environment in education. However, use the [ide] tag for questions specific to those environments.

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When people program with GUIs in a Go-To type fashion?

I've noticed with new programmers, primarily those using GUIs (e.g. Matlab, Rstudio, Spyder) that there is a strong tendency to for them to have a giant file, e.g. ...
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What effect will AI tools like Codex and CoPilot have on teaching programming (and admissions)

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming tools like Codex and CoPilot can (to some extent) generate code in different programming languages from natural language descriptions. Obviously at the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

History of educational programming languages

I wanted to analyze the history of educational programming languages and their evolution up to the present (and probably make the presentation out of it for middle schoolers). Can you recommend any ...
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1 answer

REPL environment for teacher assignments

As a teacher on an IT high school, I am teaching the basics of C#, JavaScript and PHP (in different years of their study of course) For about 3 years I had been happily using the classrooms. ...
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What are Macros in programming language am little bit confuse . why we use them for which perpose? [closed]

What are macros in programming language ? And we use these macros and for which perpose.I saw a YouTube video and also read from a link but am cofused about why we use them.
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18 votes
4 answers

How to give assignments that require heavy computational resources?

For an undergraduate course in AI, there has been an assignment that uses deep learning on neural networks to do image classification. However, many students complained about their (university ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is a (simple definition of) a development environment?

I am trying to create lessons and curriculum designed for school-aged students, teaching about IDEs and development environments. What is a succinct, not too complex definition of a development ...
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7 answers

Search for a useful interactive programming environment

More interactive environments are easier to learn, but the text based ones I have seen lately don't let you change your mind. I have used Read–Eval–Print Loop (REPL) environments. However these are ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Use of “learnable programming” (via direct manipulation) software, in teaching

I read something on this site, that lead me to read about Bret Victor's learnable programming and direct manipulation. I was wondering if anyone has used any software like this. What software have we ...
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