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Questions tagged [programming-paradigms]

This tag is for all questions about programming paradigms, including but not limited to: introducing a new paradigm, advantages/disadvantages of a paradigm, how to help students learn a new paradigm different from the one they know, etc. It is generally not appropriate for theoretical questions about paradigms..

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2 votes
5 answers

When teaching Java, should I teach try-catch from the outset?

TL;DR How important is the try ... catch syntax when starting out with learning Java? Background: I'm teaching A level CS in the UK (age 16-18) and we're using Java ...
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2 answers

is there any good specific pedagogy research to teach spreadsheets?

There is a lot of good research on how to teach introductory programming. But maybe(?) more important to most students is the ability to use a spreadsheet. What is the best way to teach introductory ...
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How to embed TIC-80 into Computer science 101 course

I'm planning to design an introductory course to CS and programming for kids of 8-12 grade and see that we have Scratch for catching an eye in the beginning and getting instant result on place. But I ...
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Are there any recommended tools for teaching syntax and grammar of programming languages?

I would like to know if there are some tools to teach the following topics in a programming paradigms course: Demonstration of lexical rules Demonstration of grammar rules, such as tree parsers of ...
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How to recast an ASPX application as Object Oriented

I am a programmer in a small department creating some new tools and applications with ASPX and SQL, and explaining the methodology to co-workers, and writing documentation (so the question here ...
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What are Macros in programming language am little bit confuse . why we use them for which perpose? [closed]

What are macros in programming language ? And we use these macros and for which perpose.I saw a YouTube video and also read from a link but am cofused about why we use them.
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8 votes
4 answers

How is computer science (and education) different today than some decades ago?

My sister, her husband and I (the older generation) were sitting at the dinner table with their two children (the younger generation), discussing computer science. One of the members of the older ...
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7 votes
4 answers

How to phrase questions about spotting design issues in programs

I like to give my students questions asking them to find and correct design issues in code. As an example, I gave them the following question: ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Does teaching an intro course with a functional language really help level the playing field?

On another question, Ben. I claimed: By utilizing a functional language in your first course, you get to have a classroom full of kids who have a much more similar footing. And when you move on,...
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3 votes
0 answers

Historical standard order of topics in imperative programming textbooks [closed]

Bit of history: The Darmouth Basic Manual (1964) follows a common order of exposition: expressions, variables, constants, assignment, tests/loops; calling subprograms being considered an "advanced ...
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8 votes
4 answers

What 'procedural' habits to break when teaching 'functional' programming?

I have a class undergraduate students (2nd and 3rd year) who have had at least two terms of college/university level programming courses using a procedural programming language (typically C++), and ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Event-driven or polling for beginning programming environments?

In beginner programming environments, I have noticed an essential difference in style for handling user interaction. Scratch and Alice are event-driven, while Processing and Greenfoot, for lack of a ...
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17 votes
4 answers

What makes imperative programming easier or harder to learn?

In my experience, people who have programmed before, whether they're professional or not, almost always consider imperative programming to be obvious. They're usually skeptical that a concept such as ...
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