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Questions about teaching HTML/CSS/JS or any language used to serve any kind of content, be it an API, a website, or anything else.

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What is a good textbook for teaching Web Programming?

Is there any textbook you would recommend as appropriate for preparing a Web Programming college course? I would prefer a book that comes with sets of exercises, practice, code examples, etc. Students ...
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Forming a foundation in PHP

Does anyone know what topics I should start studying to form a foundation in PHP ? Loops, outputting data, manipulating a database etc. ? Edit: I want to start using PHP to create a social site. ...
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How to learn web design if backround is on mathematics and data analysis?

What would one suggest to learn web development? I was educated to mathematician and have done data-analysis. Now I was asked to do web pages, and I would like to practice that. However, it seems to ...
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How do you teach when your students have wildly different backgrounds?

I'm going to do a course for my entire University, this means students that are in the last year and also in the first year. What can I do so what I teach isn't too hard to understand for the first ...
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How to recast an ASPX application as Object Oriented

I am a programmer in a small department creating some new tools and applications with ASPX and SQL, and explaining the methodology to co-workers, and writing documentation (so the question here ...
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Framework vs Vanilla JS for students

I'm serving as a tech lead for a student group's charity project. We're building a website which puts a bunch of homelessness resources in one place. There are two goals to the project: create a ...
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How to convince students that self learning is an important skill?

I am teaching beginner programmers with a variety of backgrounds. Towards the end of the course, we encourage more independent and team based learning rather than lecture based learning. This is ...
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Best way to pass on the problem solving experience

In my workplace, my team (working both on a ASP.Net MVC ecommerce and a C++ client) had a recent addition of two young members. One is a fresh graduate and the other worked as PHP programmer for some ...
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Easy to use database for HS students

I'm a web design teacher and I teach 9th graders (14 year olds) in the US. Currently the 9th grade curriculum in my HS programme teaches students CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Students can create buttons,...
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How do people prefer to learn web development - videos or text?

I want to create a web development blog where I will teach a variety of subjects that people usually don't talk about. How people prefer to get content? Using videos or text? What are the pros and ...
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How to help students comprehend the HTML document flow?

I'm teaching a student how to create website front ends. This student comes from a SNAP/Scratch/AppLab type environment where they learned basic programming concepts, but to position visual elements ...
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Choosing Java-like language for teaching web development

I just started teaching an introduction to web development to high school students (they have the most basic knowledge of java) and this year my school has decided to make a change in the curriculum. ...
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Explaining why styling should not be done directly in HTML

I recently noticed that <marquee> has been deprecated from html according to this site. From this answer on Stack Overflow, the marquee replacement is made ...
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Are userscripts a good teaching tool?

What is a User Script? Useful tasks like improving layout, fixing bugs, automating common tasks and adding new functions can all be done by userscripts. More complicated userscripts can create mash-...
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How can I maintain interest in front end?

When I teach front end web development, it always happens that I start the year with a bunch of students who are ready to redesign Facebook on day 1. With expectations like that, it's always a letdown ...
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What qualities should be considered when designing a front end project?

I'm working on designing a project where the students will use HTML+CSS to replicate a specific layout which I will give them as a picture. The goal of the project is to allow each student to practice ...
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Should I teach modern web development in an introductory programming course? How?

I'm currently teaching a introductory programming class in a technological university course (FYI, this is a type of university course that is not a BS). The recommended language to use for this ...
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How to raise students' security awareness in programming?

My first website with a login form had the password hardcoded in the JavaScript code, and if the entered password matched it would redirect to a private URL that was just not linked anywhere, but ...
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Recommended IDE for teaching web development to beginners

I have been assisting an IT teacher who has recently started teaching computer science to year 7-9s (11-13 year-olds). This year they will just be covering basic client-side web development: HTML, CSS ...
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When teaching Web Development, should server or client side come first?

I teach full stack web development because the purpose of the course is to give an overview of how a complete website is created, from SQL for database management to HTML/CSS/JS for front-end to ruby ...
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How can I convey the idea of a programming language vs. a markup language?

When I try and teach web development to absolute beginners, I seem to always get a question about the roles of HTML/CSS/JS and about how the browser renders the HTML. It seems to me that the confusion ...
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