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Assessment is the process of evaluating student work. It can take the form of tests and exams or be much broader. It can be formal or informal and can be a component of grading or can be disjoint from formal evaluations. This is distinct from evaluating the course itself or its instructor(s).

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Is it common that CS graduates have a hard time programming?

I came across this question, I'm graduating with a Computer Science degree but I don't feel like I know how to program on It has 1050 upvotes and 130 ...
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How to design an assignment on applications of Formal Verification?

I'm teaching a course on Intro to Theoretical CS, which is a compulsory course for CS majors. A pre-requisite is Math for CS and a co-requisite is Design of Algorithms. In this course we also cover ...
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Are there some strategies to automatically generate assessment questions and answers?

To quote from Artificial Intelligence in Education by Charles Fadel etc., Assessments define the education we get. How can I automate the assessment design task using AI? Could anyone please provide ...
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What to tell students that plagiarised their programming assignment?

I am a TA for an undergraduate CS module at university in the UK and was in charge of marking coursework. The assignment contains three parts: report, code and video presentation. I found that 10 ...
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The use of technical interviews for formative assessment

I'm an industry practitioner with a keen interest in education; recently I've been reading more about Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development and the theory of Instructional Scaffolding whereby a ...
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Reduce Grading & Improve Assignments

I'm looking at ways to improve assignments and reduce the amount of grading. Previously, there were two in-person lab classes with 15-20 students each week. Since Covid, there is now one online lab ...
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Is there a free to use validated Computer Science concept inventory?

I'm looking for a multiple-choice assessment to determine the efficacy of an introductory CS program. Preferably validated with some research and free to use but both of those requirements are ...
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Teaching in class and online cohorts CS

I am looking for advice for September with a new format for our daily schedules for high school CS. As part of my board's grade 9-12 return to school plan, students will be in one of 3 cohorts of a ...
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Grading source code in an online environment

In the past students have submitted hardcopy of the programs and output for grading (electronic version was also supplied if I wanted to run the programs). I always annotated and graded the source ...
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Items on grading rubric for a coding assignment

I'm collecting a list of possible items for grading rubric for a coding assignment. Below is a start. Is this complete, or am I missing important criteria? I welcome other ideas. Effectiveness Runs ...
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Is there a free platform to host coding challenges within a class?

I've seen many platforms that allow companies to interview prospective developers by means of coding challenges, but those are always paid. So I'm trying to find some tool where I can create my own ...
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How can we measure proficiency in programming languages?

Recently Python and Java have started to be the de facto standard for teaching CS1/2. This means that students arrive in courses like Embedded Systems, Operating Systems or High Performance Computing ...
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Platform for annotating students' code assignments

I'm about to start teaching a class of 10 people. I do it for free, and I search after a platform for home assignment. That platform should be: ...
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How can we determine which students are a good fit for an educational program?

tl;dr: How should I be thinking about assessing technical experience for admission into an educational program? At my day job, I help run a program that invites undergraduate students to get "real ...
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How can you efficiently assess students web coding?

I've been teaching Java and C# for years and I'll be picking up a web development (HTML, CSS, JS) course in the fall semester because our department is down a faculty member and won't be filling the ...
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How can I do the best assignments as being a computer science student?

As I am a student of BS(CS) computer science and a beginner in this field. As a student in the first semester I don't know about any basic language or other techniques to improve my assignment skills. ...
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Quizzes after lectures

I put together elaborate, very carefully planned out lectures, complete with highly distilled exemplars, student teach-backs, and mid-lecture activities to check for understanding. I've had feedback ...
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Can assignments be graded using blockchain?

I enjoyed reading this explanation of blockchain at, which imagines a fictitious distributed grading system in a high school math class. The article made me wonder whether it would ...
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How to collect and grade Xcode work

I am preparing to teach an intro to app development class to approximately 10 students who are there voluntarily this summer using Swift and Xcode. The course will consist of daily, 5-hour class ...
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How can I speed up the construction of high quality testing materials?

Giving the same assessments from year to year causes fairly obvious problems. Cheating becomes more and more of a potential issue. Basic testing security dictates that we must create new assessments....
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What's the best way to assess programming?

Over in England the current model of assessing GCSE level programming (exams for 16 year olds) is being debated. A system where students had to program and write up solutions to a given scenario has ...
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Equivalent of PISA study for standardised assessment of skills on computational thinking and programming?

My university wants to develop an assessment procedure in order to evaluate the general (not for a specific topic or course) skills on computational thinking and programming languages of our students ...
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How to handle objections to the wording of test questions or answers?

I try to include a wide range of difficulty in the questions on quizzes and tests, from very obvious to quite subtle. The more subtle questions might hinge on a distinction of singular vs plural or ...
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How do you assess students' understanding of abstraction?

We've just uploaded a video of a presentation Simon Peyton Jones and I did about Project Quantum to CAS TV. Project Quantum is an attempt to crowd-source low-stakes formative assessment items for ...
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Students can solve programming exercises but not explain their solutions. What to do?

I've seen too many cases when a student has completed a programming exercise (without cheating) but can't say, for example, what type of values a variable contains during program runtime (in case of ...
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How should students be encouraged to reflect and improve after summative assessment?

Computer Science lends itself to a variety of different assessment methods - from the more practical assignment based programming problems, to the more formal final exams that cover the theoretical ...
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Assessing programming skills of students under 18 years

While there's plenty of existing material and resources to help you decide on the next techie to hire, I could find very little for assessing the skill of children/teenagers at programming. This is ...
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Should I have written tests on basic programming skills?

When making more complex programs, it is natural that one needs to run the program to see whether things work and fixing bugs. However, if one makes a lot of mistakes in basic programming, e.g. ...
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