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Computational thinking is about looking at a problem in a way that a computer can help us to solve it.

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Software for runnable algorithmic organigrams

I teach an algorithmics course at a level equivalent to first year of college. I discovered LARP (sorry it's in french), a software that allows to draw organigrams, run them, debug them step by step ...
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Driven to Abstraction

One recurring discussion I have on this site which I have never understood is: Why not teach people how computers work right away? This always leads people to speculate about cosmic strings and other ...
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How to respond to the two-handed approach to swapping

I was introducing lists to someone young (in Scratch). Creating a list is boring, so I opted to introduce something that you can do with lists, but requires some thinking: swapping. I introduced it by ...
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Teaching algorithmic thinking without a programming language

I am to teach Algorithms and Data Structures. There are lots of books that teach how to do algorithms in language X or Y. But I would like to teach algorithmic thinking per se, independent of the ...
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Simple use case for self-modifying programs

.NET expression trees can be used to write self-modifying compiled programs -- because it is possible to construct and compile a method at runtime, it is also possible for a method to rewrite its own ...
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Are there any conventions for writing logic statements for combinations of logic gate functions?

I am teaching logic gates. I would like to know if anyone knows if there are any conventions for writing combinations of logic gate functions. For example ...
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An example that compares a computational with a non-computational thinking approach

I have to teach CT to Standard 5 students (11 to 13 yrs). To explain the concept, I am trying to explain to them how CT is beneficial in today's world. The way I learn and appreciate things is by ...
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Undergraduate Computer Science Projects

I am trying to make studying computer science interesting for freshmen students. This will help them apply what is taught in the class to real life projects. My intention is to divide the class into ...
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How do you distinguish jargon from normal language in explaining a concept?

For example, words like "method," "puts," and "object" do not have as much linguistic markedness as "comparator," "eff-gets," and even "function" (because context alone at the very least conjures up ...
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How to make perfect documentation of FYP with less plagiarism?

For a student of BS(CS), a supervisor wants documentation of final year project with high vocabulary and with less plagiarism, but the students write documentations on their own, without copying paste ...
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How can I build up the understanding of a project?

As a student my instructor gave me a scenario and a title and I have to work on that as a project. I searched a lot about these and watch videos , read blogs but didn't get a well defined answer. I ...
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How can I improve other programming languages while having command on one language

As in computer science field we have to learn several programming languages like C++, Java, C#, python, php etc to complete our tasks and home assignments. However you are good in only one language. ...
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how can i build up interest in learning some dry but important subjects of BS(CS)?

As a student we didn't have interest in every subject of computer science because some of these subjects have different domains of learning. But in case if you have didn't properly done with one ...
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Short foundational lessons for 7-8 year olds

I have an opportunity to run four classes of about half an hour, with 7 to 8 year olds (my sons age). This is part of a program called STEM professionals in schools. All I am there to do really is ...
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Equivalent of PISA study for standardised assessment of skills on computational thinking and programming?

My university wants to develop an assessment procedure in order to evaluate the general (not for a specific topic or course) skills on computational thinking and programming languages of our students ...
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Teaching Critical Thinking

In answers to a previous question, a few people suggested intro programming with true novices might not be the best place to introduce critical thinking/planning skills for programs. To me, intro ...
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Encouraging Critical Thinking On Programs Before Students Write Them

I frequently teach our CS1 class (taught in Java), and have noticed a problem with critical thinking/planning skills on programs of any substantial size. This seems to be related to two problems: (1) ...
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How do you assess students' understanding of abstraction?

We've just uploaded a video of a presentation Simon Peyton Jones and I did about Project Quantum to CAS TV. Project Quantum is an attempt to crowd-source low-stakes formative assessment items for ...
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What non-programming book is vital for learning the CS mindset? [closed]

If you had to recommend a single book to introduce the way programmers think to anyone, but it had to be from outside the field of CS, what would it be? For programmers, my hands down, all-time, ...
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Interview lesson on "Computational Thinking"

I have been asked to teach a single half hour lesson at a new school for an interview. The topic I was given was "something on computational thinking." The students are 13 years old. For the first ...