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Questions on Plagiarism include not only how to respond to clear, and not so clear, instances of it, but also how to structure a course so as to minimize its occurrence.

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What to tell students that plagiarised their programming assignment?

I am a TA for an undergraduate CS module at university in the UK and was in charge of marking coursework. The assignment contains three parts: report, code and video presentation. I found that 10 ...
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How can I credit to sources I'll use for my paid or free video tutorials on YouTube or Udemy?

I don't remember that I saw sources section on Udemy tutorials or YouTube videos, whether they are a course or not. Even, on books such as,
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3 answers

“What do you mean it’s plagiarism? It’s from the docs!”

I present to you two scenarios that are different, but not enough to warrant two questions. Scenario 1: You discover that a student copied some section of the code verbatim from the docs of some ...
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Concern over plagiarism in designing online course

Background I am currently working with a university to design an online Machine Learning and Cloud Computing course. We are closely following Hands-On Machine Learning by Geron. The author of this ...
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4 answers

When does excessive collaboration become plagiarism?

I was reading the abstract for this research paper: Yan, L., McKeown, N., Piech, C.: Using programming assignment work patterns to understand excessive collaboration in large CS classes, in SIGCSE ...
9 votes
4 answers

Plagiarism checks for source code

In one of my answers I elaborated on the way we do language-tailored plagiarism checks on student submissions: The general idea is to strip comments, whitespace, variable and function names, ...
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26 votes
14 answers

When a student submits a work that is a copy from a colleague, should you also punish the student that made the work?

The question kind of says it all. Imagine that for an assignment you receive two or more similar submissions (e.g. programs). What will you do? Annul all the works? What if you know for certain who ...
9 votes
2 answers

What should a teacher do with information about plagiarism before the final submission

As probably we all experience, plagiarism is very common in CS. I know that there are several types of plagiarism ranging from simply submitting a copy of the colleagues’ code to other highly ...
10 votes
6 answers

Thoughts on copying and pasting code?

I'm curious to hear people's experiences with allowing (or disallowing) students to use copy and paste in code when learning as beginners. I feel like there are two kinds of copy/pasting. Copying ...