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For questions about teaching to adults. The applies equally to questions about those who didn't grow up with computer and questions about computer savvy adults who wish to begin their careers though a boot camp or some other means. This tag does not apply to anyone younger than college age.

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Teaching state transition diagrams to visually impaired (blind) students

I am anticipating a blind student in a class I teach in an upcoming semester, and I am preparing for this by asking around if anyone has had this situation for a discrete structures / theory of ...
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Would you mentor other people for free/voluntary donations?

I've asked this myself sometimes already. A lot of knowledgeable developers are using Stackoverflow to give advice and help solving other peoples problems - for free. Giving back your own knowledge ...
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Is there any formal education for programming? Other than a CS degree?

Are there any universities that give you a Bachelor's in programming? I am aware of Computer Science BSc, but it's a little too broad in scope.
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What are some non-CS concepts that can be defined using BNF notation?

I'm preparing a class on the modified BNF notation that python uses. I.e., Each rule begins with a name (which is the name defined by the rule) and ::=. A vertical bar (...
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Explain to someone that programming isn't just all "if"s and "else"s

I have a friend who, in his mind, has the wrong image about programming. Whenever I mention that programming is fun and that one can enjoy it very much especially if they like solving problems (both ...
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Method for keeping records in a computer science notebook?

Which recording method is best used for computer science. The Cornel method or the subsequent method developed by Scott Young who mastered the MIT program in a year. To be honest, I have problems ...
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Python IDE for beginners

With a bunch of colleagues we will start learning Python together. I'm a programmer, but I'm new to python. Most of my colleagues know some VBA, but are generally new to programming. What IDE do you ...
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How to gamify the learning management system

I have been reading up on how to shift more of my teaching resources on to the Learning Management System, to make it easier to access from other locations even though I mostly teach in a classroom. ...
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How to convince students that self learning is an important skill?

I am teaching beginner programmers with a variety of backgrounds. Towards the end of the course, we encourage more independent and team based learning rather than lecture based learning. This is ...
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The confusing Unix permissions terminology

The GNU manpage (what you'll find on a Linux system) – but pretty much any Unix manpage – of chown (the command for changing the owning user and owning group in ...
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How to handle objections to the wording of test questions or answers?

I try to include a wide range of difficulty in the questions on quizzes and tests, from very obvious to quite subtle. The more subtle questions might hinge on a distinction of singular vs plural or ...
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How to answer questions about how I became interested in programming?

I teach programming to students seeking employment as programmers who know little or nothing about programming, and I was last employed as a programmer over a decade ago. Sometimes I am asked what got ...
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What does a certification program for CS high school teachers need to include?

If a high school math or science teacher was going to begin teaching computer science, what do they need to know? I know of many teachers given this responsibility without any training for it. Since ...
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Giving Students a Break

My instruction time has specified breaks, but often the students do not take them, even if I urge them to. This results in them working and listening to my instruction while they are overdone. I tell ...
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Best Practices for introductory teaching

Literature states that there are particularly difficult issues with introducing programming, and that many of the issues are still not well understood. But some results indicate that these are some ...
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Introduction to programming class: use Spreadsheets to introduce fundamentals

Are there any "pros" or "cons" I have overlooked regarding using Excel as a means to introduce a range of fundamental programming concepts. This question relates to teaching a programming module at ...
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How to introduce Scala to a team of Java developers without being boring?

I work in a startup where each week, a member of the team does a short presentation (30-60 min) on a subject in front of the others. It is a very informal and relaxed session, but now it is my turn ...
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Independent research on bootcamp job placement claims

Bootcamps have become an increasingly popular alternative for starting or transitioning to a career in tech over the past 5 years or so. As a result, a common question I get when interacting with ...
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What non-programming book is vital for learning the CS mindset? [closed]

If you had to recommend a single book to introduce the way programmers think to anyone, but it had to be from outside the field of CS, what would it be? For programmers, my hands down, all-time, ...
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Do your students pay attention when you speak?

I teach in a classroom where students sit at desks with dual monitors in front of them. The students face my desk at the front of the room, I cannot see their screens. Due to the height of the screens ...
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What should be the difference between a university course and developer training? [closed]

I teach university students and would like to start teaching prospective developers. As such, I have been thinking about the core differences between these two audiences. I find that students are ...
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Programming curriculum for elderly students

I have created a basic computer education project for an audience of elderly students (over 50 years old). The course is very basic, with lessons from "How to turn on/off your home computer" to "...
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