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Questions related to the use of websites or applications for automated grading of student assignments. Such sites or programs are known as "auto-graders". Use this tag to ask about the use of "auto-graders" for various assignments or assessments.

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3 votes
4 answers

Should a student be allowed to try to answer a question only a few times?

In a computer science course, is it a good idea to create automatically graded problems that allow students only a couple of attempts and give fewer points if he or she answers many times? Namely, it ...
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An automatic grader won't accept my solution. What should I do?

I study computer science. In my course problems are in a web page and there are described what the program should do and what the screen should be seen after an example run. The solutions are checked ...
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45 votes
22 answers

If a program does not compile, should it get a mark of zero?

Following a discussion on the Academia SE, I would like to seek views here among Computer Science Educators on whether a mark of zero should be awarded if a student submits a program that does not ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Using autograding (Github Classroom) - pitfalls and best practices?

I'm currently as a TA developing a series of programming assignments for a bachelor course on machine learning. Since we expect the number of students taking this course to grow in the future, we're ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Is there a Java library for testing command line applications?

JUnit seems to work well for unit tests, but I'm not interested in unit tests, I want to test and entire command line application as a black box. I have created a text-based adventure game project for ...
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Any auto grading site that supports all-testcases-in-one-file (and/or in github)?

I use, and one problem i note, is that each new test case has to be added by many gui-web clicks. it is both slow and annoying, and makes it harder to : 1) send to other teacher to review the ...
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3 answers

Automatic grading of test-cases

Last year I taught a programming course, and used an automatic grading system for grading the students' homework (in addition to other evaluation measuares). It worked quite well; the bottleneck was ...
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33 votes
11 answers

How can I automate the grading of programming assignments?

As a TA, the usual workflow for grading programming assignments for an introductory course would be: Some instructors used email as a submission mechanism (yes, really.) So, search for submissions in ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Suggestions for encouraging good Coding Practices?

From an instructor perspective (Middle School or High School), Is there a method, or a set of guidelines, for grading early coders' projects that could enhance good coding practices as the students ...
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12 votes
7 answers

How can I discourage poor design while using automatic grading of submissions?

Automatic grading is great for saving time on marking programming tasks, so there's more time to focus on actual teaching, but I've noticed a few flaws. Since work is essentially marked based on ...
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25 votes
8 answers

What autograding software do folks use for Java code?

Grading currently either takes me a huge amount of time, or gets done in an extremely cursory way. It occurs to me that, if my students were able to submit code into some sort of autotester, they ...
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