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For questions about teaching and learning that occurs exclusively online. This is distinct from [tag:distance-learning] which might have online components or not.

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How do I get students to look at course materials, rather than google?

In general I don't mind them looking up stuff online, but the other day a bunch of them really ticked me off when they found a solution online that was pretty much explicitly marked as "bad idea&...
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Online bootcamps

My son is looking to retrain in data sciences and has been researching online boot camps such as Springboard and Le Wagon. These appear to be genuine companies, but it's hard to sift through the ...
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Any experiences on online paid courses (udemy, coursera, edx?

I am thinking to start an online course in one of the educational online platforms, e.g. Coursera, Udemy, EDX or other. Does anyone have such an experience? What are some things I have to keep in mind ...
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How many of "The Seven Laws of Teaching" are still relevant for teaching computer science today?

Wikipedia shows that in 1886 John Milton Gregory outlined his "The Seven Laws of Teaching"; asserting that a teacher should: Know thoroughly and familiarly the lesson you wish to teach; ...
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Platform recommendation for an online competitive programming school

I am supervising a team that is currently trying to build an online competitive programming course/school for a collection of high-schools in Turkey that all belong to a certain private educational ...
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Alternative to Piazza for online Q&A

Piazza recently started serving ads. Are there any reasonable alternatives to Piazza that are effective for CS courses, for handling questions from students online? I would find it useful to be able ...
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Grading source code in an online environment

In the past students have submitted hardcopy of the programs and output for grading (electronic version was also supplied if I wanted to run the programs). I always annotated and graded the source ...
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Online classes: Any good ways to avoid having too many interruptions but at the same time not leaving anyone behind?

I've attended a couple online classes and I'll be teaching my own in a short while. And what I noticed is that usually the lecturer has a lot of interruptions from people who ask them to repeat ...
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