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This tag is for all questions about programming paradigms, including but not limited to: introducing a new paradigm, advantages/disadvantages of a paradigm, how to help students learn a new paradigm different from the one they know, etc. It is generally not appropriate for theoretical questions about paradigms..

Different institutions start out a student's early education in different ways. There is more or less of a dependence on programming, but at some point a language and its underlying paradigm is chosen. Some prefer an imperative model for student programming, some a functional, others an object-oriented model. The instructors may or may not be intimately familiar with the paradigm they are expected to teach and so may need advice, both on methodology and on, say student exercises.

Moreover, most institutions will want to at least visit other paradigms than the one they depend on for the bulk of instruction. Again, there arise both a question of faculty preparation and the need for effective materials for students. This tag is appropriate for all such question.

Questions about the underlying meaning or philosophy of any given paradigm are arguably appropriate, but likely not the underlying theory.