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This tag is intended for questions about the appropriate use of collaboration in education. Collaboration could be between faculty members, between students, or between faculty and students. It is not appropriate for questions on plagiarism and similar topics.

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CS educators collaboration communities?

What are collaboration sites for CS teachers? The CS Educators StackExchange is nice'n'friendly, but here are some topics I'd like to be discussed, which are outside of StackExchange policy: case ...
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How can I find someone online to mentor me on my first research paper?

I am an undergraduate student, and I have an idea which I want to explore and write a research paper on. But I am totally new to this. I don't have good CS community at my place. So I can only look ...
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How do I deal with students being unkind to each other when I'm not there?

The faculty and students at my small minority-serving institution think of our environment as being supportive and cooperative. This is very important in CS, since programming is a team sport, and ...
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Is there a better way to validate student learning?

I'm a student in an undergraduate Computer Science program with several years of experience before coming to university. As I began working through the coursework here, a large problem stuck out to me....
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When does excessive collaboration become plagiarism?

I was reading the abstract for this research paper: Yan, L., McKeown, N., Piech, C.: Using programming assignment work patterns to understand excessive collaboration in large CS classes, in SIGCSE ...
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Allowing students to work cooperatively on a computer, and retain access to their work

I like pupils to work in pairs, as they learn quicker this way, and need teacher help less often. However, there are problems, when working together on a computer: Free loaders. For this, I give ...
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How can we motivate students to review each other's code?

Code review is crucial to student's academic and professional lives, yet some students see code review as a burden and a new way teachers have found to "ditch some work". By experience, code review ...
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Opportunities for Interdepartmental Collaboration

At my current school site (high-school level, 14-18 year olds), I am the only full-time CS teacher. While I don't mind working on my own, there are occasions where I think that collaborating on ...
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