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Using microcontrollers in an Introductory course

Microcontrollers can address two important aspects. The first is bridging the gap between the code, and the real world. Particularly if you have sensors (accelerometer, buttons) and outputs (an LED ...
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Using microcontrollers in an Introductory course

If the goal is to create more interest in learning programming (as you state above), then Arduinos are not the strongest vehicles for reaching that end. The logic of ...
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Is there independent evidence that physical computing improves engagement

There are many academic articles reporting high engagement, especially among students underrepresented in computing, using physical computing. https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=physical+computing+...
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Using microcontrollers in an Introductory course

Advantages compared to what? I will assume compared to programming abstract applications on a desktop. Programming abstract applications on a microcontroller does not provide any obvious advantages, ...
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