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Angew is no longer proud of SO
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The text below does not yet reflect the most recent events (namely SE Inc. settling in Monica Cellio's case, and dismissing Shog9 and Robert Cartaino). I will update it when time permits.

I am not contributing to the network (voting, asking, answering, commenting, flagging) until Stack Exchange Inc. rights the wrongs they did to Monica Cellio: engage in honest discussion with her, and settle all outstanding issues in a way which Monica explicitly and freely approves. I expect that will involve:

  • Retracting or otherwise correcting all defamatory statements about Monica which members of the company made to the press, on the SE network, and elsewhere.
  • Reinstating her as a moderator if that be her wish.

Monica has started a GoFundMe campaign to cover costs of legal actions she will have to take. If you support her and/or do not like the way Stack Exchange Inc. has treated her, please consider chipping in.

Starting points if you're looking for background:

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