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How to learn C++?
4 votes

Stroustrup, Bjarne (May 2014) "Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++" Addison-Wesley ISBN 978-0321-992789 https://stroustrup.com/programming.html 1,000 pages. It will hurt. You ...

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Looking for a text book on object-oriented concepts and programming
Accepted answer
3 votes

My suggestion is "Object Oriented Programming in Python" by Goldwasser & Letscher https://cs.slu.edu/~goldwamh/oopp/ It's a free PDF download, or you can buy a paper copy. They have a ...

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Cheating on labs
1 votes

I teach at the community college level, in Ontario's Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology system. My students generally study electronics and don't have any burning desire to become programmers. I ...

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How to teach C++ language to beginners of (BSCS) students who have no any idea about it?
1 votes

Arduino, it's full C++ 2011 underneath the "Arduino Language". What they call "libraries" are classes. The physical computing aspect is a good way to keep interest.

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Will I Regret Using Python As A Teaching Language When I Later Need to Teach Static Typing?
0 votes

Perhaps in the example code that you show them, introduce them to Python 3 Type Hints (PEP 484 -- Type Hints https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0484/ ). It's a bit of a kludge because the typing is ...

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How to teach so that your student doesn't feel stupid?
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Good book by father & son team: "Hello World!", 2nd edition, Warren and Carter Sande, Manning , https://www.manning.com/books/hello-world-second-edition

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