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Chris Klaus, a Founding Partner at Guidepoint PEO LLC and the Founder of Drighten Research Inc., boasts over two decades of experience harnessing the power of data science, data analytics, and data engineering across diverse industries.

At Guidepoint PEO, Chris spearheads the advancement of AI solutions in affiliate marketing for the PEO sector.

Through Drighten, he has leveraged his expertise to develop and deliver data science courses at Washington University's School of Technology and Leadership as a contracted faculty member. He has also created a few custom GPTs for the OpenAI GPT marketplace.

Previously, Chris held the role of Director of Enterprise Data Analytics at Talend, where he initiated an enterprise data science program.

Throughout his career, Chris has been at the forefront of numerous machine-learning endeavors, including the development of a neural network for a chemical warfare sensor at Argonne National Laboratory.

Chris' academic journey includes a B.S. in Physics and an M.A. in Mathematics from Eastern Illinois University.

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