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What should be the difference between a university course and developer training?
4 votes

Rather crudely you might see the differences as being: A university - students engaged in study, where study is an end in itself. Developer training - students engaged in study, where being job ...

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Research on gender and attainment in CS
Accepted answer
3 votes

Failing to find an answer, I wrote this with Billy and Miles: From the abstract: The change in the English computing curriculum and the shift towards ...

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What kind of game (in Scratch) would require use of a list?
1 votes

You could create a spelling game where the set words get increasingly more difficult. The words will be stored as a list and a loop is used to cycle through the words as they answer the questions.

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How to encourage participation in the national olympiad in informatics?
1 votes

Set students tasks inside your lessons that are similar to the Olympiad(or as extension/home tasks for your most able). A good selection come from ...

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