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30 votes

Analogy for teaching recursion

15 votes

What can Snap! do that Scratch cannot?

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Recommended IDE for teaching web development to beginners

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Computers are down; what's in your bag of tricks for teaching CS when they can't get on a computer?

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Scheme vs Haskell for introducing functional programming

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What are the merits of including the history of computers in the entry level curriculum?

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How can I discourage poor design while using automatic grading of submissions?

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When should concurrency and parallel multi-processing concepts be introduced?

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What kind of game (in Scratch) would require use of a list?

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Computer Science vs IT vs Digital Literacy

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Instructional Methods for In-class Code Demos

3 votes

How to explain to people the importance of algorithms in computer programming?

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Video Games during class

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How can I convey the idea of a programming language vs. a markup language?

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How can I automate the grading of programming assignments?