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I untie knots like Alexander,

I get my way with a quick back-hander,

My PC security is an unused plug,

Why fight my battles when I've hired a thug,

They say I sword fight just like Indi,

I call this bolt cuter 'The Master Key',

I keep my best cards behind my back,

And my favourite trick is a brute force hack.

What am I?


Oh! And here's a stumper that's got me stuck:

If stack overflow goes down, how do they fix it?!


I can't swim to save my life but I don't mind getting out of my depth.


I am not superstitious.

I believe in sods law because It's been through a full corporate validation and gotten the green-light by the head of QA. SO... When it comes to the chances of any unwanted side effect, specific disaster scenario, best laid plans going astray OR a user doing something seemingly unlikely, just remember;

1:1000 ≈ 1:1

and 99.9% Certain ≈ 100% Uncertain

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