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98 votes

How to explain the concept of a variable to a 9-year old?

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How do you teach something when you don't know it yourself?

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Learning fundamental differences between functional programming and Object Oriented Programming

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What are healthy, productive ways to encourage students to progress to more advanced constructs as opposed to staying with the familiar?

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Should CS students be doing their tests on paper?

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What controversies in computer science education exist today?

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If a program does not compile, should it get a mark of zero?

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Real life examples of 0-indexing

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Why did the percentage of CS bachelor's degrees going to women peak in 1984?

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Why isn't there one language to use instead of different programming languages?

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How to teach the importance of indentation

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Why is computer science hard?

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How do you deal with Lone Rangers in group projects?

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When mentoring individuals, teach clean coding and simple/effective thinking or let them do it their way?

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Problematic student at a very high level

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Teaching algorithmic thinking without a programming language

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Is there some meaningful percentage of students who can't learn to program?

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What to tell students that plagiarised their programming assignment?

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How to respond to the two-handed approach to swapping

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How can we teach good naming practice for students learning Java?

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What are good examples that actually motivate the study of recursion?

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Why teach C using scanf without talking about command line arguments?

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What could be the possible advantages of teaching Scheme as first programming language?

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Why do we count starting from zero?

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Should teachers enforce standardization of spacing and braces?

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How do I teach "math equality" vs. "CS assignment" vs. "CS equality logic operator"?

21 votes

What's the benefit of prohibiting the use of techniques/language constructs that have not been taught?

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How do you make your CS lectures more interesting?

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How to teach students not to use jump statements

19 votes

Problems with students stuck in web-browser and what to do about it

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