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I'm ready to move on from When I first started contributing to stackoverflow I did so under the naive assumption that my goals and the company's were aligned. I no longer believe this, and it may well have never been true. This is a company that censors comments that deviate even slightly from their narrow political orthodoxy. They talk about their values, but completely absent from these values is a dedication to freedom of speech, thought, and expression. These are the cornerstone of open inquiry, something that should be fundamental to a Q&A website. I still support the goal of creating an open archive of high-quality questions and answers and thus I still contribute comments and an occasional answer here on SO.

My preference going forward is to answer questions on sites whose structure and philosophy are both more open and something I can support. For now, I'm bullish on and even though they are in their infancy. I'd like to try to make those sites a success.

Java is my favorite programming language, but python is a close second. I like to play with math and cryptography as well. I've used sockets in python and Java, so I'll try to answer socket questions. But I'm no EJP ;)

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