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180 votes

Is it better to lie to students or to be pedantic when teaching Intro CS?

159 votes

How bad is a Computer Science course that doesn't teach Design Patterns?

148 votes

Is it bad to force my students not to return early?

96 votes

What advantages do students who learn how to touch type have?

73 votes

Is there some meaningful percentage of students who can't learn to program?

63 votes

Why do we count starting from zero?

56 votes

Why is computer science hard?

53 votes

Should I teach that 1 kB = 1024 bytes or 1000 bytes?

45 votes

What is good age to start learning programming?

41 votes

How to explain the concept of a variable to a 9-year old?

39 votes

Assisting students with large programming assignments takes too long in class

35 votes

What could be the possible advantages of teaching Scheme as first programming language?

34 votes

What is the point of teaching coding and robotics to kids as young as six years old?

31 votes

What are the advantages/disadvantages of teaching how to implement Nodes, Linked Lists, Stacks, and Queues before showing built-in implementations?

29 votes

What is the best way to teach JavaScript functions to middle schoolers?

28 votes

Teaching the tradeoffs of the foreach loop

27 votes

What controversies in computer science education exist today?

25 votes

On studying Computer Science vs. Software Engineering to become a proficient coder

24 votes

How do you teach Big O to high schoolers with varying degrees of math exposure?

24 votes

What to tell students that plagiarised their programming assignment?

22 votes

Note-taking policy: laptops, or by hand?

20 votes

Why isn't there one language to use instead of different programming languages?

19 votes

How to give assignments that require heavy computational resources?

19 votes

How can we teach good naming practice for students learning Java?

18 votes

Teaching students that printf() is not the same as return

16 votes

Learning fundamental differences between functional programming and Object Oriented Programming

16 votes

How can we motivate students to review each other's code?

16 votes

What are healthy, productive ways to encourage students to progress to more advanced constructs as opposed to staying with the familiar?

16 votes

Is there a better way to validate student learning?

16 votes

Interesting Programming Exercises to Teach Inheritance?

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