Experienced Back-end developer with PHP 5.x & 7.x and with MVC framework Laravel/Lumen 4.x & 5.x.

I started programming as a passion when I was 14 years old with C-like scripting languages. I have been working for approximately 4 years and a half already, and currently I am working for YOOX NET-A-PORTER as a DevOps Engineer, in Bologna, Italy.

As a passionate developer, I love to keep myself informed of the latest news about programming, and I always strive forward to improve as a developer. For me, writing code is an art, and code style is important. I also love working with languages like JavaScript (Node.js & AngularJs) and I'm a great passionate of Amazon Web Services!

I believe that starting to program at such a young age has been one of the most satisfying decisions I have took. The feeling of seeing someone appreciating your creations is priceless.

I also produce music electronically under the alias of YaiPMG. You can find me @ https://www.facebook.com/yaipmg/.