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Patrick Roberts

Some of my recent personal projects:

  • typed-scheduler - A Scheduler written in TypeScript for concurrency-limiting and rate-limiting
  • enumerable-ts - A port of System.Linq.Enumerable from the .NET framework to TypeScript
  • gen-pdf - A command-line utility for generating a PDF file from a directory of images
  • synth-js – A command-line utility and isomorphic module for MIDI parsing and WAV synthesis
  • complex-js – An isomorphic library for complex math, including a compiler for human-readable math expressions
  • di-proxy – A JavaScript UMD Module for Dependency Injection using the built-in Proxy.
  • sort-viz – An educational library of sorting algorithm visualizations in JavaScript.
  • c-struct-js – Another JavaScript UMD Module for DataView extension inspired by C structs.

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