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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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for all questions on using and teaching abstraction, such as data abstraction. It is also appropriate for questions related to using abstraction to build and improve program structure, i.e…
For questions concerning the Association for Computing Machinery, "the world's largest educational and scientific computing society".
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Active Learning concerns educational activities in which the student takes a participatory role in the process. Active Learning may include educational games, discussion groups, writing, teamwork, and…
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used as a filter to admit students into an educational program or major. They can consist of background requirements, admission testing, interviews, etc.
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For questions about teaching to adults. The applies equally to questions about those who didn't grow up with computer and questions about computer savvy adults who wish to begin their careers though a…
for all questions related to advising students as well as for such things as recommendation letters. Advice includes that for specific classes, for choosing or changing major concentration…
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to mark questions on the subject of Agile software development or agile design within the confines of Computer Science.
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for questions about presenting specific algorithms or general principles of algorithmic design and analysis to students. It IS NOT for questions about writing or fixing algorithms.
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Questions related to the course AP Computer Science A taught with the Java programming language.
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a specific United States secondary school course that might earn University credit. It is intended to be a rigorous college-level course in the foundations of computing. Questions a…
for questions related to teaching application development on mobile platforms. Mobile applications are commonly referred to as "apps".
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an application development environment originally developed for Android mobile devices. Use this tag for questions relating to the educational uses of App Inventor, not for technical d…
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for questions about computer architecture - a set of rules and methods describing the structure and functionality of a computer system. This may cover instruction set architecture design, …
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a microcontroller often used in robotics or hobbyist projects. It has multiple ports for sensors and electronics to be attached and can also be programmed using a derivative of C. Quest…
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For questions regarding the data storage structure of an Array. This can range from their standard indexing to their usage in comparison to other data structures. Arrays are an ordered list of element…
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Questions related to teaching how to create and work with artificial intelligence. Use this tag to ask about teaching various methods and techniques of artificial intelligence.
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For questions about teaching any assembly language or teaching hardware level concepts where a knowledge of assembly would be relevant. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the questi…
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the process of evaluating student work. It can take the form of tests and exams or be much broader. It can be formal or informal and can be a component of grading or can be disjoint from…
Attainment refers to the earning of specific degrees and honors in the educational setting. Use this tag for questions about research on attainment and for questions about processes that lead to highe…
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Questions related to the use of websites or applications for automated grading of student assignments. Such sites or programs are known as "auto-graders". Use this tag to ask about the use of "auto-g…
also known as server side. This controls the flow of a website or application which runs by communicating with server.
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for questions about best practices in the classroom. This is an educational term, and does not refer to best practices in coding style. (Instead, see the coding-conventions tag). Some que…
Bias in education results from both intentional and unintentional acts, processes, and policies. Use this tag for questions that discuss the effects of actions that may result in bias as well as how t…
can be used with tags like cross-discipline to ask about how to teach computer science in a biology class, or alongside biology. Do not use for biology questions; those belong on Biology.SE.
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For questions about creating or teaching block based programming languages. These questions can be about structures used in block based languages, colors used, and teaching methods with these language…
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for all questions relating to the teaching of boolean algebra and its implementation in programming languages.
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can be appropriately applied to questions on teaching and using `if` and `switch` statements along with similar constructs in other languages.
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Questions about instruction specific to the programming language C. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses C as an example, but does no…
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for all questions concerning teaching the C# programming language and its specific tools.
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Questions about instruction specific to the programming language C++. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses C++ as an example, but doe…
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tracks of studies and professional jobs people work in during their lives. Questions using this tag can ask about careers students in a computer science course can pursue.
Questions related to teaching about type casting. Use this tag to ask about teaching various aspects of type casting.
Use for questions about student cheating, and how to prevent it or deal with it. This tag may be used with the ethics tag.