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This tag is for questions that relate to student self-perceptions as well as perceptions in general about the field and individual classes. How do students feel about themselves and what do they believe about themselves and how does that affect their learning? What do they believe about Computer Science that may not be accurate. Questions about overcoming mis-perceptions are welcome here.

Students come to Computer Science with certain beliefs both about the field and about themselves. Some of these perceptions are accurate, but others not so much. How can we recognize student perceptions and help them correct their view.

Some of the most destructive perceptions can be about the student him/herself. Some students feel they can do no wrong, others that they are bound to fail. Both are likely misplaced and not conducive to effective learning.

On the other hand, some mis-perceptions can be helpful. If they find success with a professor who is "known" to be very hard, they gain in self-esteem.