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use this if you are trying to incorporate the 'soft' part of software development skills in your training. For instance, your students are dealing with communication issues with a team, or a team in training has difficulty with their clients.

Soft skills are things that are not really part of the job description (all the time) but they do help make for a better levels of productivity.

For instance, a team that is fully aware of how to use Slack, would be great. So, perhaps you are wondering how to introduce Slack into your discussions. You may have to convince your students why knowing Slack, and learning it now would be a useful thing to do.

Another example would be, comments and code documentation. Although, nobody expects a fully grammar compliant sentences in their code, at least if they knew the benefits of having at least barely passable sentences as compared to single word sentences.

This is not about pure soft skill training. Nor is this tag for trainers having difficulty communicating with your students, or them with you. or between each other.