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At my school we do use Carrano and Henry, Data Abstraction & Problem Solving with C++: Walls and Mirrors. The Walls and Mirrors series has been in publication since 1986, and over the years has seen editions in Pascal, Modula-2, C++, and Java. (Most recent editions in C++.) In 2018 it won the McGuffey Longevity Award ​for​​ ​textbooks whose excellence ...


You might find Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, by Clifford A. Shaffer, to be helpful. There are versions for C++ and Java available. (The 3rd edition is old already [2013], and the prior editions were titled A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis.) It does get very in-depth into the field, including the mathematics ...


I think you first need to decide what your goals are. Are you interested in computer architecture because: You want to design computer hardware and so need to understand it at a fundamental level? Or because you want to write software whose performance is enhanced by an above-average understanding of computer architecture? Or because you are just mildly ...


I high recommend taking a look at the Stanford CS103 course page archive, which has links to very engaging lectures, and lot of great supplementary resources, such as handouts, problem sets, and lecture notes / slides.

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