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How long would it take an average theoretical computer scientist to learn Python to prepare for learning machine learning?

Actually your question is unanswerable, or, more precisely, has only a meaningless answer. Note that a uniform distribution has a perfectly well defined "average" (mean, median, whatever) ...
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How do I solidify my Python skills?

If you want to learn Python (or anything) practice it, and not just on easy exercises. My best advice is to take on a large project, even one that you have done before in another OOP language, if that ...
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Any simple Python GUI projects for beginner/novice programming students?

PySimpleGUI will do what you're after, starting right from the start of teaching Python. The eCookbook will enable you to see how the architecture looks/works without installing anyone on your ...
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Are there people who just can't learn to program?

I will speak in general terms. For any given topic or skill, there are going to be people who just can't get it. You have people who have been expats or immigrants in a country for 30 years, and can'...
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Are there people who just can't learn to program?

When I was a student I studied math, physics and computer science, and my observation when I was a student was that both in math and in physics, the hardest-working students got the best results, ...
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First programming Language : C or Python?

In Python, if a program which is fed certain inputs produces certain outputs, then in the absence of deliberate randomness, those outputs will determined by the program and its inputs. While it's ...
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