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Any simple Python GUI projects for beginner/novice programming students?

PySimpleGUI will do what you're after, starting right from the start of teaching Python. The eCookbook will enable you to see how the architecture looks/works without installing anyone on your ...
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Suggestions and resources for the conception of a pedagogic machine (computer) and its emulator?

There are tools available which you may be able to use or adapt for your course. Specifically I am thinking of Nand To Tetris. I began the course many years ago but did not finish. I also build some ...
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What's the benefit of prohibiting the use of techniques/language constructs that have not been taught?

This question was asked 3 years ago when ChatGPT didn't exist yet. Nowadays I would say (in addition to several excellent answers above) that the use of techniques not already taught is a sign that ...
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Mini-Projects that can be covered in an 1 hour Haskell tutorial

You want an approach that aligns to the problems typed functional programming languages like Haskell lend themselves well to. That is to say, Category Theory + Tensor data. So the best problems to ...
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