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A programming environment for teaching is the complete range of tools used by students to create and run programs. From the simplest (text editor, compiler, runtime) to the complex (integrated development environment - IDE) the environment may help or hinder the student's education. Use this tag for questions related to the choice and use of programming environment in education. However, use the [ide] tag for questions specific to those environments.

Programming environments can be simple or complex. The simplest environment is just a text editor, compiler, and runtime system. Other examples are REPL systems (Read-Evaluate-Print loop) common in Lisp and other systems. Some of the most complex are integrated development environments (s) such as Eclipse. Choice of environment can depend on your teaching goals and the sophistication of the students. Use this tag for questions relate to choice of environments and their use.

However, this site is not appropriate for technical questions related to specific environments. These generally belong to Stack Overflow.