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Use this tag to ask about using the Minecraft game environment to teach elementary programming. General questions about the Minecraft game itself should be asked on the gaming.StackExchange forum.

Minecraft is a building block game. Think Lego Blocks, but in the digital world.

Use this tag for questions related to using Minecraft in the context of introducing programming. General questions about the Minecraft game itself or for specific issues with installing a Minecraft server should be asked on

Minecraft allows the player to use his/her creativity to build things. Almost anything can be built. It takes world building to its most logical conclusion. People have built everything from small houses to Game of Thrones castles in Minecraft. Minecraft also has some physics rules in its world, and it is possible to build machines. Further, it allows multiplayer so it is a great way to get people/students to work together.

Finally, Microsoft has a Minecraft Education edition tailored to the use in education.