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Let me suggest two things, but I don't know if they will solve the problem. The first is that once you set the rubric you are stuck with it until you publicly replace it. You may be right that there was collaboration but your "feelings" can't be acted on without evidence. I think you understand that. If it only mentions quality and completeness ...


First, let me congratulate you on a really thorough grading procedure for such a large class. I am impressed! I think that you have created an excellent balancing act among the realities of grading code among a large population, and I'm sure that your students benefit from it tremendously. Now, you wrote: about half the students wrote perfect code (100% ...


On this page are three textbooks. You want the 3rd one: C++/Fortran. It has a section with programming projects. These should be doable (in any OO language) after 1 or 2 semesters of programming, and should take students definitely 1 or 2 weeks of work.

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