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Some basic SQL is there. Look under 2.2.3 Additional programming techniques. They also need to know about SQL injection for the network security topic.


Machine Learning for Kids is a resource for teaching ML to school age students that I have recently been playing around with. It includes a range of projects that students can complete in Scratch, Python or App Inventor which range in challenge level. There is also a book you can buy but it is possible to use the site ...


Now I have another favorite example called "Buy Low, Sell High", all the credit go to this article Given a stock’s price history as a sequence, and assuming that you are only allowed to make one purchase and one sale, what is the maximum profit that can be obtained? For example, ...


In my experience, engineers, statisticians and programmers will not use spreadsheets, they will use programming in languages such as R, python or matlab instead. To me it makes sense to spend a few hours teaching the basics of a spreadsheet app in high school so that students will know that it exists and will feel confident to learn more advanced usage if ...

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