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Graph / Tree Visualization Software

easily create visualizations of trees and graphs. Visio The easiest way is to use a tool like Visio. It is WYSIWYG. Also see 13 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio GraphViz Very popular. Works with ...
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Textbook or video lectures to develope intuition for solving any unseen Graph Theory problems

I'm writing only a partial answer, because I currently lack time. That means that I'm not properly sourcing everything, and largely working from my own memory. I don't believe that anything I say ...
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Integrating Graph Theory into AP CS A

You may very well have some examples where you can discuss state machines and hence state diagrams, that is, graphs. For example, if you're creating a game with a computer controlled character, that ...
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Dataset colection of weighted graphs

For any problems involving graphs for which you need test data you can use Knuth's less well known work 'The Stanford Graph Base'. This includes many data sets designed to test all kinds of graph ...
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Integrating Graph Theory into AP CS A

I think the best place it could go would be whenever 2D arrays are introduced. You could use them to represent the adjacency matrix of a graph and use that to begin answering all kinds of graph ...
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