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If these kids are true beginners Python is a bit much. Try Scratch or Alice. If you really want a line-code language go for Small Basic. All of these have excellent resources available on their website. Thunkable and App Inventor can also be a good start if you want to try something different.


I concur with Bryan R that Turtle might not be a great choice for an in-depth introduction. A quick google search for "python turtle lesson plans" reveals that most plans are for one to three lessons, after which, you have pretty much exhausted what Turtle has to offer. There are various paid resources for Python Turtle at teacherspayteachers. If ...


I have found that Python is not the best tool for teaching elementary and middle school students an intro to programming. Turtle is nice, but you run out of things to do pretty quickly. If you move on from Turtle to console based coding, many students find it less engaging. Scratch and similar visual languages are much more engaging for younger learners. ...

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