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The purpose is to interest them in learning programming. More specifically, to give them a taste of some aspects of various languages, hoping that each will find something they like and, being naturally curious, they might pursue the subjects they liked a bit more. Comparison of programming languages doesn't make sense until they've first mastered the basic ...


With two weeks, you'd be better off focusing on a bit. If you are teaching C++/Java, why Python? I would choose only one of those three languages, as they are all fairly similar. Alternatively, if you wanted to do some OOP, have you considered using C#/Unity? It results in some quite fun projects right out of the gate, and they are working in a fully ...


Yes, but introduce it one step at a time (Zone of Proximal Development). Manual testing is the absolute minimum, needed to know if you have written the program that you intend to (feedback). Incrementally adding to a program is the only effective way to get a program to work (quick feedback). Therefore as least to manual TDD, from the start. Then latter ...


I think the answer is YES. Because in this era, teach TDD as early as possible will give valuable benefits to forming disciplined programmers.

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