In the United States CS0 is often used as a generalized term to designate a Computer Science Course for non-majors or for majors who need some background to make up for deficiencies. It may or may not include programming and has no precise definition. This tag is for all questions related to design and content of classes with this intent.

The CS0 class come with many official names at different institutions and at different levels, such a secondary or undergraduate. The term "CS0" is used informally. The course is not precisely defined in general and differs widely depending on the needs of the institution. In general, it is for non-majors who need some information about computing and computation. It may or may not include programming, but is normally independent of the normal sequence of classes that lead to a major (or minor) in CS.

This course may pass into history eventually as more information on computing is introduced into the elementary grades. While the term "CS0" is specifically a US concept, the idea of the course is likely widespread.