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For a gaming novice I would suggest Unity instead of Unreal. Unity has a lot more learning resources online. Unity uses C# which is Microsoft's version of Java. Unity and Unreal are comparable, each has its pluses and minuses. An excellent place to start with Unity is at You can actually communicate with the author. Prices are ...


C++ may be a bit difficult for a first exposure of programming. I suggest starting with a java course, which is traditionally used as an entry-level programming language. Additionally, you could sign up for a web dev class that includes HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. HTML is simple to learn and can help you become familiar with the world of coding.


Do it in two steps: There are resources for each part. Start by learning how to compile, link, run code, and launch the debugger, from the command line. Then learn how to write make files. You should also read Recursive Make Considered Harmful by Peter Miller. It should direct you away from a lot of common bad practice. When I applied what I learnt from it,...

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