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Use this tag for questions about best practices in the classroom. This is an educational term, and does not refer to best practices in coding style. (Instead, see the coding-conventions tag). Some questions with this tag ask for advice on comparing the advisability of two or more possible teaching practices, for example.

"Best practices", in our context, consist of strategies and tricks that are known to be highly effective in the computer science classroom. These can be on a grand scale, such as curricular strategies and lesson ideas, or on a small scale, such as simple tricks that can help in focusing students on a task.

Best practices are methods and techniques which teacher can employ to increase student understanding of a subject, or to make classroom management easier. These techniques can include Teacher clarity, and discussions and more.

Note that some best practice teaching practices are captured as Pedagogical Patterns, in which a community process consisting of experienced educators works with an author to improve the pattern. As with design patterns, a Pedagogical Pattern consists of (among other things) a problem statement and solution, along with the forces that lead to the selection of the solution from among possibilities. One aspect of the patterns process is the assignment of a shepherd to work with the author over several iterations (edits). The process culminates in a final vetting at a PLoP conference.