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Questions about CS teaching to high school level students. This should be used when the context or level of the answer or question is that of high school students. In many cases, an AP tag is more appropriate because AP classes are typically taught in high school.

I agree with Buffy that a great way to think about it isn't "language", but "language + library" or "language + provided code". David Malan does a masterful job if this in his CS50 course, and anyo …
answered Jul 9 by Ben I.
I teach at a HS with majors. Students apply into their major as 8th graders, and may not switch once admitted and matriculated. Many of the kids have never programmed at all when they apply, so we ru …
answered Jul 1 '17 by Ben I.
It depends so much on what we're covering. In principle, anything which gets them doing or moving also gets them learning. Here are a few more ideas: Describe some small amount of code that could …
answered Jun 1 '17 by Ben I.
With two weeks, you'd be better off focusing on a bit. If you are teaching C++/Java, why Python? I would choose only one of those three languages, as they are all fairly similar. Alternatively, if y …
answered Jun 12 by Ben I.
I had a rather odd solution to this back when I taught at a school that had no material beyond AP. I figured that they worked their butts off for the AP test, and (especially juniors and seniors) wer …
answered Jun 2 '17 by Ben I.
The first problem my students always have with this is that they don't even understand how to test their code. They've run the program, and it works. So... it must work. I have two approaches to th …
answered Jun 20 '17 by Ben I.
I might push back against the core idea here, and this gets to the idea of the central mission of the course of study. Within my course, teamwork is not a primary goal upon which I will assess my stu …
answered Mar 13 '18 by Ben I.
Static is within the AP subset and is fair game for the examination. Oddly enough, the memory model of Java that operates here is not, so students could, hypothetically, memorize a series of arbitrar …
answered Jul 7 '17 by Ben I.
Pure ordering should be dictated by how you intend to interconnect the ideas. For instance, I use arrays as a motivating example for for loops, so it makes sense to introduce arrays to my students bef …
answered Jul 24 '17 by Ben I.
I would allow them to create initial websites without any mention of security at first. I would also have created your own web site (using exactly the same techniques and technologies) in advance. (D …
answered Jun 27 '17 by Ben I.
100% yes. In beginning courses, it's practically a cognitive requirement. Let me see if I can break down for you why it is so important. It comes down to what we can know that the student knows. Le …
answered Jun 13 '17 by Ben I.
Ooh, this is one of my favorite lessons! I don't introduce package private and protected in the same lesson as private and public, because there are 3 principles that I want them to absorb that ultim …
answered Jun 29 '17 by Ben I.
This is really a separate approach from my first answer, which has received some push-back. It's worth noting that many of these loners are simply students who are substantially ahead of the curve. …
answered Mar 13 '18 by Ben I.
Regarding architecture specifically, I don't see a tremendous benefit in high-school level programming classes. However, at just one level or so of higher abstraction, discussing the principles of me …
answered Jun 18 '17 by Ben I.
The best way to deal with this kind of student is to head it off at the pass. If you can get the student at the beginning, you can often prevent the problem from festering in the first place. I have …
answered Jun 6 '17 by Ben I.

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