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Scheme is a functional programming language, actually a dialect of Lisp. This tag is for all questions related to the teaching of the Scheme programming language.

of scheme are not pure (that is they have mutation). Do not use one of these. Half way through structure and interpretation of computer programs, we learn how to implement mutation. But not until we … have learnt that we never need it, and 99% of the time it is evil and best avoided. And then how to abstract it away, that is encapsulate it. Consider GNU/MIT Scheme it is Free Software and from MIT …
answered Sep 15 '17 by ctrl-alt-delor
Simplicity You can write the definition of scheme on the back of a postage stamp. Therefore as @Buffy says, you don't have to learn the language at the same time as learning the concepts. It is a … experience I leant scheme late, after basic,pascal,C,C++,C#,python,tcl, et al. I have never done it again, but I have not stopped using it, in the way I program in other languages. …
answered Sep 2 '17 by ctrl-alt-delor