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Questions related to student projects in the fields of computer science. Use this tag to ask about structuring project guidelines for students, or to ask questions that deal with an aspect of projects in computer science.

What's the point? Why does the number of lines in the project matter all that much? Unless the code is extraordinarily long or short (i.e. orders of magnitude away from what is expected), lines of … code aren't a good indicator of whether a project is good or bad. I've heard of one example where some students were set the task of creating a Caesar cipher1 program. If you're aware of it, you'll …
answered Aug 26 '17 by Aurora0001
Giving students credits for a cloud service like AWS might be useful in this case. Amazon's pricing is reasonable for a cloud instance: GPU Instances - Current Generation p2.xlarge …
answered Apr 8 '18 by Aurora0001
likely in the first place at the scale I was working at. Initially, I heard great things about React, so I decided to add that to my project. Then I need a 'Flux framework' too so I can handle events … well worth it. You only have to do it once to learn the philosophy and the goals of that project, and once it's done, you know when you want to pick that library above the others. You can try and tell …
answered Feb 26 '18 by Aurora0001