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This tag is for all questions related to the teaching of Turing Machines and their relationship to programming in general.

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Could anyone test and criticize my automaton simulator?

My name is David Buzatto and I am a teacher of several subjects on a Computer Science course. One of these subjects is Theory of Computation and, this semester, I decided to implement a simulator of ...
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Any experience/resources on teaching computer science theory with a practical approach?

I am scheduled to teach a "Computer Science Theory" course. Topics include: Turing Machines, Languages, Automata (DFA, NFA), etc. I would like to make it less boring and more practical for ...
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Do you include coding assignments in an intro to complexity and computation course?

In an introductory course on complexity and computing, I am thinking about including some programming tasks. I wonder what types of tasks I could give the students beyond "construct" a ...
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Can one build an operating system with LaTeX? [closed]

Can somone point a mistake in my reasoning? It is possible to build an operating system. A Turing complete programming language can by used to program an operating system. LaTeX is a Turing ...
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Curriculum Design for a Unit on Alan Turing and His Impact on CS

At the end of the year, there is a gap between the AP Exam for AP Computer Science A and the last class meeting. Since students don't have to take a final after the AP Exam, there's not a lot of ...
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In a course about Turing machines, how many questions like "Construct a Turing Machine that does X" should I include?

In a course about Fundamental Computer Science, which includes Turing Machines, how many questions like "Construct a Turing Machine that does X" should I include? There should be at least a few basic ...
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