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Questions tagged [student-motivation]

Questions about motivating students to study, participate, or take interest in the field of Computer Science. This tag can be used to ask questions regarding motivating students in the context of Computer Science (e.g. motivating them to self-teach or to work with others etc. as well as motivating them to study Computer Science)

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Reference Request: Study on the connection between Abstraction/Theory abilities and Software Engineering Skills

Some CS students (university level) are attracted to the profession because it promises a well-paying job after graduation, others because they are actually interested in CS as a science. In my ...
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How to take PHP junior developers to senior level

I am involved in a website project, where main implementation language is PHP. Main development is done by two full-time developers, who lack a lot of understanding about program architecture and ...
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Software tool as in Bret Victor's demo

Already last year I encountered the great and it was much needed fresh air (while I was suffocating in my provided "textbooks": cobbled collections of ...
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