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Some students seem to struggle with CS concepts and also, possibly, with the time and work necessary to be successful. Use this tag for questions related to how to overcome the difficulties students face in understanding and in adapting to the curriculum.

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Introduction to product type: motivation and examples

I'm soon going to introduce product types (C struct and the like in different languages). The audience is 17 year old with a long term goal in scientific studies, ...
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Are there people who just can't learn to program? [duplicate]

Just as the title says. If you're wondering why I'm asking, here's why: I've recently started teaching Python programming at a community college. My class is geared towards non-CS majors. There are ...
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what is a good way to learn new framework / language?

I have been learning rust since 2021. I followed different courses from YouTube and others. Then I shifted towards books to learn rust and right now after two years I am doing same thing and learning ...
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Why is computer science hard?

Data pretty regularly shows that computer science programs have among the highest failure and dropout rates of any college program. A number of sources all echo the finding that roughly one-third of ...
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Student not understanding explanation the 1st, 2nd... and 8th time

I am working for a company, and a target for this year is to increase the level of CS knowledge among the staff. The company does mostly engineering stuff so the people come from an engineering ...
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How can I find someone online to mentor me on my first research paper?

I am an undergraduate student, and I have an idea which I want to explore and write a research paper on. But I am totally new to this. I don't have good CS community at my place. So I can only look ...
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I struggle to understand technical things in cs? What can I do to improve? [duplicate]

Today I wanted implement a deep learning model in openvino. So I went to the page here and started reading. After starting the reading, I struggle to understand things and started to deviate a lot ...
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What is the best approach to learning things in CS? [closed]

What's the best approach to learning a library, framework etc.I find it overwhelming initially as to where should I start learn such things. Is it like you start taking up a course and then try to ...
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Teaching past the "symbology" of a language

I've been recently helping someone with their beginners Python programming course at their university (though I don't think the specific language is particularly important). At times I'm frustrated, ...
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Programming exercise Tagging

I wondered what attempts were made to use tag(s) with programming exercises so that anyone can search / find (etc.) exercises just like books in a library. For example (in user story format): As a ...
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Any relevant research in Motivation?

I came across another reference to how CS education does not produce bimodal grade distributions etc. Also re-read some stuff about gender issues, that women are not mentored and supported and so on. ...
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What technique should be used to make video tutorial for BS(CS) students?

For students, there are a lot of different tasks which are given by their lecturer. One of the task is that to make a professional video tutorial of specific topic which is related to Computer ...
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How to make perfect documentation of FYP with less plagiarism?

For a student of BS(CS), a supervisor wants documentation of final year project with high vocabulary and with less plagiarism, but the students write documentations on their own, without copying paste ...
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How to make students confident enough to stop copying each other's code assignment?

Mostly students can't code or they are not interested or they become lazy in their work or they are not confident enough to make their own logic and check it before teacher. For all these students ...
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How can programming skills be improved?

I often take help from online videos to improve my programming skills, but I am not successful. Videos help me in debugging my code, but I am not improving my programming. Is there any other way ...
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How can I improve my understanding in Computer Science?

I am new to Computer Sciences, working as machine learning engineer. I only know the basics of programming. How can I improve my technical comprehension so that I will be able solve different ...
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Explaining why arrays are important for statisticians

I am a computer engineer, and I’m teaching computer sciences one hour per week to a student who failed her second-year university degree. She needed some help to have a better understanding of ...
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Usefullness of Study Guide

The notion of "Study Guide" was unknown to me before moving to the US (I don't think I was ever given one during my studies in France). I believe that the goal of a study guide is three-fold: To ...
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Is stressing too much on formalism acceptable?

Most of the students like the analogy way of teaching things. But I am biased towards the formal way along with a little bit of analogy. For example, (to make simple) in order to teach about a set to ...
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Finding tutoring in Maths / CS

I am technically enrolled on a university course but lack basic maths ability and have fallen behind in trying to catch up. Therefore I need to explore self-learning to improve my position while ...
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Is it possible to study too many things in parallel?

Unfortunately I did not study well at school, I was not interested in many things, and I did not understand that things. But I have matured, interests have become more. I am now 20 years old. Now I ...
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Computer Engineering student with holes in my knowledge (I want to improve)

I'm a computer engineering student. I definitely have my strengths and weaknesses like any other student. And, I would like to improve upon areas that I'm either struggling in or completely missed in ...
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Is there some meaningful percentage of students who can't learn to program?

A few days ago, I had a high school sophomore (who is now in her third CS class, having passed the prior two) look at this Java code for a solid 3-5 minutes, and was unable to figure out what it did: <...
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How to deal with very low performing students?

I saw a question about how to deal with high performing students, and although I think it is very important, the problem that we are facing in my school is the exact opposite. We have a high number ...
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