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use this if you are trying to incorporate the 'soft' part of software development skills in your training. For instance, your students are dealing with communication issues with a team, or a team in training has difficulty with their clients.

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KANBAN materials

Is anyone aware of freely available KANBAN materials that can help students (and myself!) reinforce the key concepts? I understand that the main concepts are not actually that complicated. Ideally, ...
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How can I do the best assignments as being a computer science student?

As I am a student of BS(CS) computer science and a beginner in this field. As a student in the first semester I don't know about any basic language or other techniques to improve my assignment skills. ...
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Which non-programming skills help make a good programmer?

What skills should we strive to foster in our students that will make them good software developers in the future? They are in our classes to learn coding skills, but what else do they need? ...
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Course for the more practical aspects of software development

By default, I approach every training I conduct ( I mostly conduct sessions for folks who are in their final year, or finished graduation but looking to upskill for a better career) with a simple ...
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